Tuesday, January 23, 2007

He's Home!

Yesterday's homecoming went very well! We are all very excited to be together as a family again! Words just cannot express the sense of peace that we feel!
I am including some pictures from yesterday taken by my good friend, Tiffany. And, also some taken by Georgia with her fisher price camera!
Before the arrival:


Georgia's viewpoint:
Tux the Clown -

Olivia before we left the house -

Jet flying in -

Jet parking -

Friends -

Marine band -

Georgia takes a picture of Daddy -

Georgia asks Daddy to take a picture of her! -


Amy said...

Dear Missy, I love your blog. I love the pictures from yesterday! They made me teary. I loved Geogia's perspective on the experience. I loved seeing your pregnant tummy! You look beautiful. I loved reading your "100 Things" list. It made me want to see you and catch up on life's happenings- past and present. Thanks for sharing with me. You all are in my prayers as you prepare for your new lives as a family of five!!! With Love From, Amy
PS- Welcome Home Chris!

kacey@doodlebugspaper.com said...

Missy!! These pictures are AMAZING and I am crying..
Ya'll are such a beautiful family and I know you are so happy that Chris is home safely! The smile on Georgia's face is worth a million dollars.
PS.. Look how cute you are pregnant!!!!!!!!!

Amanda :-) said...

Hi Missy - just wanted to comment out of courtesy as Kristi had linked your blog in hers - and I also wanted to congratulate you on your husband's safe return and thank you for posting such fab, happy images of what must have been a much longed-for day. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. You look blooming! Rest, and enjoy your time together!