Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I Love My Camera!

About a year ago, I purchased an amazing digital camera - a Canon Rebel XT. It is so powerful, I am intimidated by it. For the entire first year that I owned it, I only used the factory automated settings. I was too afraid to try to learn anything new and try adjusting any of the settings. I was afraid that if I started changing things, I would never again get the settings back to the fully automatic modes. But, I spent some time yesterday, while riding in the car, reading my manual, and trying out some different ISO speeds, aperature settings, and white balance settings. Before reading the manual, I didn't know what any of that meant! I am not totally sure that I know what it means now, but I do know that it sure makes a difference in how the pictures look!
Take a look at some of the pictures that I took:


lelly said...

i am veeerrryyy jealous of your rebel. i have rebel envy!

Missy said...

Don't be jealous! Until I learn how to use it as it was intended, I am ashamed to own it!

Laura said...

One day I too will have an SLR, but for now I use an S2. If you want any ideas on good books to read, I have reviewed some on my photoblog at lauraannphot.blogspot.com. I too am trying to learn all this new photography stuff. I love the pictures you took!!!