Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter Re-cap!

I have been meaning to post our Easter weekend pictures for awhile now!
We left carrots out for the Easter Bunny!

I created a template for bunny prints and we sprinkled baby powder in them to make Easter bunny tracks all over the house. Georgia loved it! My Dad said he did NOT want to meet a bunny that left tracks that large!

I got the idea for this cake from the fabulous Kristi and my sister, Kim, was kind enough to create it! It was as yummy as it looks!

Georgia and Olivia hunting Easter eggs!

Here are the Easter baskets - er - buckets - that I made for the girls! We hid them around the house and they hunted for them!

Georgia and I got to spend the afternoon with our good friends, Liz and Lily! Pictured here is Lily with the Easter bunny.

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Kristi Brooke said...

the inital idea on the baskets is wonderful!!!