Monday, April 2, 2007

Manic Monday!

Okay, not really manic! But, Mondays always seem crazy to me! We had a fabulous weekend, but busy! Friday evening was the squadron road rally - sort of like a scavenger hunt, but you collect clues and not actual objects. This road rally challenge/clues has been passed around for several years, but it is the first time that it has been done in our current squadron, and everyone seemed to have a really good time. The clues take everyone all around our town and they get to learn a little about the history of our town along the way. The fun part is that they have to figure out all of the clues and go through the route to find out where the party's destination is! They all get a quitter's envelope when they get their clue packet, but everyone hung in there and nobody quit, not even the team who arrived at the party over an hour after everyone else!!
Saturday morning arrived with an easter egg hunt for the girls, and they had a blast, but the sand gnats were crazy and the party broke up pretty much after the eggs were found.
Saturday evening we had dinner with Alison and Jeff and their family, and Alison proved once again that she is the hostess with the mostest! We had a fabulous dinner and a fabulous time and the kids had so much fun!
Sunday was spent doing laundry - ALL DAY! It is amazing to me how much laundry we make, and even when it is only one load that we are washing and folding, the load contains so many little people clothing items, that it takes FOREVER to fold!! So, 10 loads of laundry later, we now have no more laundry to do... for at least a day or two!

I want to share something neat with you. My dear friend, Shelli, has a blog and I peeked at it this morning to get caught up on her life. Last month she held a terrific birthday party for her son, and the coolest part is that she could plan it quickly and it was incredibly inexpensive! Hooray for Shelli!

This is from Shelli's blog:
I am hoping that I can get your help. I created a "badge" for Kevin Bacon's 6degrees Network for Good. Basically it acts as a button that can be added on to any website, blog, etc. to raise awareness and $ for a cause. I created one for FG syndrome. Whoever raises the most money will receive an additional $10k for Mr. Bacon himself. Please spread the word!! You can find my badge attached to my blog here... If you have a blog or website, please add it on for me, if you have an extra $10 to spare, please consider donating it to this worthy cause... and if you don't I would appreciate just spreading the word for me!

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