Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Self-Portrait Tuesday

Challenge by Lelly...
easter weekend is upon us. for many, this is a time of church services and egg hunts. spring break and first swims of the season. white tights on girls and knee pants on boys.

i will spend easter sunday with some of my family (i wish it could be all!) there will be church in the morning, egg hunts for the kiddies, and ham for dinner. i have already put my husband and son on notice that i envision them wearing their "matchie" shirts. enough said!

this week's challenge: in your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it

what are your fondest memories of easter as a child? are you chocolate, or jelly beans? did you ever actually have an easter bonnet?!?

as you gather with family and friends (in their matchie clothes), remember to get yourself in that group shot!! when you were finding those perfect outfits, did you remember to find something for you? will you snap casual photos around the family table, or will you troupe out on the lawn for a staged shot?

have FUN with this challenge!! while you're at it, hunt a few eggs or pilfer a chocolate bunny from the basket. as you sit around the easter table, take a few moments to tell someone how much you appreciate being able to spend the day with them.

Check out my shadow! This is usually the only way I get in pictures! I find that I am always behind the camera. Chris did get me at one point though!
When I was growing up, my Mom always bought my sister and I new Easter dresses. We even managed to talk her into buying us new Easter dresses well into our 20s! I don't remember ever wearing a bonnet or hat of any kind, but I suppose it is possible that I wore one as a young child.

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lelly said...

oooh, there it is... the mommy shadow!

i'm glad you're back!