Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cookies and Crafts

The next time I mention that it would be fun to invite 12 of Georgia's closest friends over for a playdate, buy me a straight jacket! As we are preparing for the end of the school year and as we are moving away, I wanted to give Georgia an opportunity to play with some of her friends outside of school. So, we invited a bunch of her friends over and had cookies and milk and did Mother's Day crafts. In a moment of clarity, I only purchased water washable art supplies! Which was great, because at different points there were paints and marker on the walls, floor, furniture and even the siding on the outside of the house! I had three stations set up - one with crayons, one with markers, one with water colors. I purchased kits from Oriental Trading Company - fold-out cards (link to dad version, mom is sold out already), magnets, and flower pots. I also had purchased colorful gift bags for each child to place their Mom's treasures in, and gave the children foam stickers to decorate the bags with. I served homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk boxes to drink.
The kids all seemed to have alot of fun, and their crafts were adorable! And, I am only teasing about needing a straight jacket. It was great fun and I would do it again, but not for awhile - I am pooped! :)


Liz said...

paint+markers+12 4 year olds=CRAZY!!!

I salute you!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a fun party...I'm so glad you posted the link, too. I forgot you were moving...oh my.