Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick Check In

This is probably going to seem like rambling, but I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.
We returned from Wisconsin and Sophia's baptism. It was lovely. Flying with three children under three - NOT lovely!!
We are headed back out of town again today for a week in the mountains of North Carolina. That should be fun.
Georgia's last day of school is today. Last night was her end of the year program - too stinkin' cute! Naturally, I forgot my camera, but without a video camera you couldn't really appreciate how sweet it was anyway. The preschool class singing on stage was so fabulous! It brought tears to my eyes.
We still don't have our move solidified because the military hasn't given us housing in Virginia yet. Our latest information is that we will find out IF we get housing on June 1st. But, we still don't know if they will give us a move-in date at that time.
Please say a prayer for us, For my sanity in particular. The constant state of flux around her is starting to wear on me. We know that Chris starts school on July 5th, so we really, really were hoping to get moved in and unpacked before then. But, it is looking unlikely.
I'll post again soon!


lelly said...

sending some sanity your way!

Liz said...

Are you ever coming back???