Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We have finally arrived in Virginia! And, after 3 hours, we now have cable, phone, and internet! We live in an old house that has had major updating and renovations, but sat empty for over a year. Therefore, I think it will require some tweaking!
Chris has headed off to work today and left Sophia and I to unpack! So far, she is not carrying her weight! tee hee! Georgia and Olivia are visiting their granparents in Wisconsin! After spending a few weeks with my parents and then a few with Chris's parents, do you think that there is a prayer that they wont return home completely spoiled rotten??!!

So far, we love our new house and the neighborhood. And the view of the Potomac from our windows is fabulous! I have already found myself looking out the window and daydreaming and wishing that I was out on the water!!

Okay, enough blog fun. I have boxes to unpack! Last night was our first night sleeping in the house, and it took me until after 10pm to locate the boxes with sheets for the beds!!

Have a great day!

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Liz said...

Find the sheets for the guest bed, and unpack that box labeled "alcohol", we may need it, lol! I'll see you soon!