Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday Afternoon in DC

We had a nice family day yesterday! We started off the day by going up towards the Pentagon and having lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. Just love their Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper Pizza with Smoked Applewood Bacon. Which reminds me, have you ever tried the CPK frozen pizzas from the grocery store? They rock too! My favorites are: Garlic Chicken, Thai Chicken, and Five Cheese and Fresh Tomato.

After CPK, we headed across the street to Fashion City at Pentagon Row and did a little mall shopping. Since I had grubby, pizza handprints on my no longer white shirt, I popped into Ann Taylor and took advantage of their buy 1 get the 2nd at half price to buy a couple t-shirts. Then we went to Cole Haan, to purchase a belated Father's Day gift for Chris. For the longest time, when we go anywhere, he takes his Military ID, driver's license, a couple of credit cards and wraps his cash around them and sticks it in his pocket. He just doesn't want to carry his wallet because it is too bulky. So, we bought him a very sleek credit card wallet with a money clip attached. It is really cool and I think he likes it.

I picked up some new Robeez for the babies, and we got some dippin' dots ice cream before heading back to the car.
We decided to head over to the Washington Mall and spend some time enjoying DC on a Sunday afternoon. So, we parked and walked over, stopping by the World War II Monument. It was a warm day and many people were reflecting and resting and dipping their toes in the fountain.

As we were leaving there, I looked up and got the best picture of this horse (yes, horse!) hanging out enjoying the view!

The horse actually held a mounted police officer, but I was at just the right angle so that you couldn't see anyone, just the horse standing there!

After that, we walked over to the Mall and sat in the grass near the Washington Monument and let the girls run around. They enjoyed watching a kickball game that was going on.

The flags were all flying at half-mast because of Lady Bird Johnson's passing.


kristi brooke said...

these photos are great! and all look so happy despite the heat of the day.

i was wondering why he flag at Arlington House was flying half mast and now I know.

great photos!!

you must love being bacl

Missy said...

Thanks - I am working on my photography skills!
The girls were troopers in the warm weather and enjoyed running around and playing.
I do like being back. We have already been to the zoo and are going to go back next week!

lelly said...

looks like a great family day! the photos are precious.

Liz said...

Great Pics!