Monday, August 13, 2007

Free Printables

I love things that are designed to make my life easier! I was reading a blog recently, and ran across this printable grocery list! Here is another one from Working Mom.

I found these great babysitter printables:
Working Mom's Babysitting Checklist
Babysitting Information from Printable Checklists.

I also found this incredible resource for getting organized if you truly want to take household organization to a new level.
Household Notebook: Make Your Own Planner for an Organized Home This is a truly inspiring resource. I have just spent a little time printing everything out, putting it in sheet protectors and assembling my binder. I think this is going to revolutionize our home. I cannot wait to try it out. Through this home organization system, I have also found a Christmas organization system that I have already printed out in anticipation of having a less stressful (and hopefully less expensive due to not duplicate gift buying, etc.) holiday season! As I am looking at my freshly assembled binder, I cannot help but think of a few of my friends who would love to use something like this. I realize it isn't for everyone - but there are people who pay home organizing people big bucks to help them set up something like this, and this online resource is totally free! I just need some notebook dividers and I am ready to rock and roll!!

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