Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hurry Before You Miss This Great Deal!

I saw a great sale posted on the Madie Jane blog, and hurried to place my order for some shabby t-shirts! Then, I was rushing over here to blog about it so I could share the love with all of you, and with great sadness realized that the sale ended yesterday. So, I emailed Bobbie and she confided that the coupon code will be valid through tomorrow. So, run, don't walk over to and take advantage of the 50% off (yep, you read right - for once, a sale that is a GREAT DEAL!!) by entering "blogsale" during checkout!
I ordered shabby t-shirts for my girls - G, O, and S.
Only ours will be made in the raspberry birds fabric in the upper left corner!

I also admired the baby doll dresses, and was very tempted to order the girls all matching dresses in the freshcuts floral and the raspberry birds.

1 comment: said...

cooooool! I just ordered Carly a tee!! thank you!!