Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It appears we are following a Disney princess theme here! Georgia is on a cleaning kick lately. Not wanting to discourage this, I try to help her when she asks me, "Mommy, is it time to clean something? I want to help clean." Now, as you can imagine, with three children under the age of 5 in the house, it is ALWAYS time to clean something. But, I don't always have time to stop what I am doing to find Georgia something to clean and set her up to clean it. I love to give her the swiffer duster and just tell her to go dust whatever she wants. Often, I can tell her to go get the dustpan and dust broom and sweep under Olivia's highchair. This past weekend, we were working on finally getting curtains hung in the living room, so we weren't able to stop and give Georgia some cleaning direction. So, she found an old scrub brush under the sink and found something to clean on her own. I cracked up when I spotted her and raced for the camera. Does Cinderella come to mind? Now, if I could just teach her how to do laundry, and fold and put it away, and load the dishwasher, and unload it and put the dishes away, and change diapers, and...

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