Thursday, December 20, 2007

Catching Up...

I finally sat down to download pictures off of my camera today. Boy, am I really behind in blogging! I know this because I still have pictures on my camera from October!! Holy Cow! How did I lose the past two months?!
In any case, please forgive me for being tardy with the chronicle of the past couple of months.
Back in October, we went to Beaufort, and while there, Georgia had quite a full social calendar. She was able to visit with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Mike, Madelynne, Amelia, and Emma Kate. We stayed with Alison, Jeff, Avery, and Alex. Georgia and Avery had a really big time together! Georgia was able to visit her old school, spend the night with Abbie, go to a play of Junie B. Jones, and attend a fabulous princess birthday party for Emma Grace!

Georgia and Avery

Georgia and Abbie

Saying goodbye is always sad...

Emma Grace's Princess Tea Birthday Party

Going back a little bit farther... Olivia turned 2 on October 25th and we celebrated, Pooh style!

Going back even a little bit farther... one day I caught Sophia in the hall bathroom. She had discovered the spare roll of toilet paper and decided to see how it tasted. She had a good bit of the roll spread around her too!

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