Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Georgia played Santa last week while we delivered homemade fudge to several of our neighbors. I had to share - it was too cute! Dontcha love our pink feather tree? We were only home for 2 weeks this month, so we didn't go all out and get our normal tree. Georgia had admired the pink feather trees at Michaels, so when they went on sale, we got one. I figure that I will just put it in Georgia's and Olivia's room next year!


Anonymous said...

oh Missy...she's adorable! I must have not heard the doorbell when she was handy out HOMEMADE FUDGE? WTH? LOL! Ironically, just last night I ordered some on Etsy or Ebay...don't remember, but I ordered caramels and toffee, too!

Love the pink tree...I'm gonna run over to Michael's and see if I can snag one at their After Christmas sale!

Happy Holidays!

with friendship,

Sheree said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! And Happy New Year to you.