Monday, January 28, 2008

Celebrity Twin

I was reading Anna Maria Horner's blog and was giggling at her post on celebrity twins. She got the idea from here.
And, I got to thinking about my celebrity twin. When I was growing up, people used to often say that I looked like Linda Blair in the exorcist. At the time, I had no idea who that was and had definately not seen the exorcist. I still haven't seen it because scary movies are not my thing. But, I have seen pictures of Linda Blair.

Then, when I was in college, I worked at a summer camp, and one of the little punks, I mean - little darlings said that I, "looked like the girl from Beverly Hills 90210. Not the cute one, the other one - Donna."
Okay. If you say so. Which Donna?

this one?

this one?

this one?

this one?

Okay, enough of that! I am not sure if there is any celebrity that I look like these days...

What about you? What celebrity do you look like?


Ashley said...

I get told I look like anyone with redhair. Molly Ringwald, Nicole Kidman and my least favorite Sarah Furgeson (the Duchess of York).

mommy2alex said...

Oh my, you do look like Linda Blair in that picture, WOW!

I have no idea who I look like and I cannot recall ever being told that I look like someone...I'll think about it!

Tami said...


You do look a lot like that particular picture of Linda Blair...When I was a little thinner & had longer hair, I got Drew Barrymore all the time, To the point that a couple offered me there dinner b/c mine was taking soooooo long. Then asked me if I was. :)

Anonymous said...

Missy, I always think of you whenever I see Julia Stiles. I agree that picture of Linda Blair resembles you but I don't see it in Tori Spelling. Once upon a time a got compared to Nicole Brown Simpson--my hair was similar in cut and color, I had a great tan, and I was probably 10 pounds lighter back then.


lelly said...

in high school, i got ally sheedy a lot. breakfast club ally sheedy.

Jem♥Jam said...

Rudy from the Cosby Show and Ashley "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," I got those two a lot when I was younger, there's other random ones that I get now.