Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SPT: Love Me.

Lelly's challenge for this week was to answer, "what will you do for yourself this valentine's day?"

The actual purchase wasn't really in honor of Valentine's day, but it is supposed to arrive in time for Valentine's Day...

Isn't it dreamy?


lelly said...

you have treated yourself very will this year!! here's to hours and hours of good use.

love your spt logo this week. very fun!

modmom said...

very dreamy! i want one too!

thank you for adding my valentine's button to your sidebar! yay!
(but,it doesn't link to mod*mom)

be sure to enter each of the 10 giveaways to win prizes!
y of the deadlines are valentine's day midnight + 3 are 2/29

carlo said...

oh dreamy indeed! you will have tons of fun with it, won't you?

GeorgiaBelleBoutique said...

Love the new machine! I know you will enjoy it!

Jenmomof4 said...

It puts my little Bernia Deco to shame!

Have fun with it!

Did you get your Love Swap in the mail?

Anonymous said...

oooh!!!! Definitely a good V Day!!! Enjoy!