Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baltimore Aquarium

We had a big family day last weekend. We have been trying to do something at least once a month since we moved here, go into the city and do something neat. We have done so many neat things this past 8 months or so. Thanks to Kristi's blog Everything Pink and her terrific recommendations. We have eaten at great restaurants, gone to neat museums, and visited really cool places - many of the fun things to do in D.C. are free! I even saw her at the zoo a couple of weeks ago, and wished I had my camera so I could have snapped a picture of her! It was raining and we were both hurrying our families in opposite directions and by the time I realized it was her, and decided to go ahead and risk being thought crazy by yelling out her name across the zoo, the chance had passed. But, maybe we will have another chance to meet.

So, last weekend, we took the girls up to Baltimore. On the way there, we stopped at a really neat place in College Park, MD (there are other locations, but this one was on the way) called The Fractured Prune. We created our own doughnuts. Georgia and Olivia loved it! They were pretty yummy!

Our destination was the Baltimore Aquarium. I had heard it was really great, and was not disappointed. It was very cool. They are celebrating the year of the frog - so Georgia got a kick out of that. My pictures aren't the greatest, as it is pretty dark in there. Also, they don't allow any strollers, so Chris had to wear Olivia in a backpack, and I had to wear Sophia. So, juggling my purse, Sophia, and the camera was challenging!

Georgia collects the souvenier pennys that you can make at so many of the tourist attractions. She began collecting them at the San Diego Zoo a couple of years ago, and we have let her keep doing it. It is way cheaper than going into the souvenier shops, and the pennies take up much less room that the other junk she could be carting home! We bought a little folding book that holds them all in little plastic sleeves. She enjoys adding to her collection and getting it out and looking at it.

The aquarium was so totally cool and the 4D movie was terrific - definately don't miss that!

We ate a late lunch at a sandwich chain they have up here called Potbellys, great food, and often they have live music, and then headed home. But, we are planning to try to get back to Baltimore for the Children's Museum and some other neat stuff they have downtown - maybe even a baseball game!


Liz said...

BTW, I picked up Ivy+Bean for Lily. She loves it! said...

glad to see you posting :o)

Sounds like a fun family trip. We have one of those donut shops about an hour away but I have never been. I am not a huge fan of donuts. I mean.. of course I love them.. .who doesn't.. btu if I don't really crave them then I think it is best just not to eat them :o)

Your haircut is adorable!! I have one lined up for this week but I won't do anything major!!

carlo said...

what a great trip you had! my ellie would flip at the Aquarium.

Diana said...

the aquarium looks like so much fun.

lelly said...

i can't believe you didn't get a chance to surprise kristi. i have pretty much made up my mind that if i ever *run into* a blogger, i will waste no time and let them know! (i feel so isolated here on the coast...)