Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last Week

My sister was visiting last week, so that is why I haven't posted lately. We had a really busy week - we did some shopping and some sightseeing. We took the girls to the zoo and it was such a beautiful day. Naturally, I forgot my camera, so no pictures, sadly. The weather was gorgeous so the animals were all out and about. It was pretty funny, though, at least half of the animals that we stopped to look at chose that exact moment to do their "business". Georgia thought that was pretty funny. The day after the zoo, we went back into the city to visit the Museum of Natural History. We picked up Georgia from school and drove straight into the city. We needed lunch, and the Museum of the American Indian's restaurant had been recommended (thanks Kristi!), so we decided to try it. Holy Cow was it good!! We were hungry, but I was sad that I couldn't eat everything I saw!! Kim and I decided to share, and settled on an Indian Taco, made with frybread topped with buffalo chili and lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese. MMMMMMM Good! Georgia and Olivia split some frybread topped with honey and cinnamom. Kim and I also shared a lobster roll. Their restaurant is a cafe and it set up in regions according to what part of the country the Indians were from, hence a large variety of foods. I am not a huge coconut fan, but the macaroons were enormous and looked very tempting. I will definately be back to try some more of the yummys that I saw! We popped into the National Gallery of Art to use the potty, and Georgia was able to see a Jackson Pollack painting.

This meant something to Georgia because she is a big fan of the Olivia the Pig books, and in the original book, Olivia visits a museum, views a Jackson Pollack painting, and then goes home to attempt one of her own just like it on the wall!! I promised to bring Georgia back to see the ballerina (Degas) paintings another time.
Then we went over to the Museum of Natural History, viewed the Tiffany and Hope Diamonds, and other amazing jewelry. Georgia said that she would buy me some jewelry like it for my birthday! That's my girl!! The girls enjoyed the dinosaurs and the hall of mammals.
Over the weekend, we went to Mount Vernon for the 18th Century Fair. I will post pictures from that in another post.

Most of the evenings that Kim was visiting, we would give the babies a bath in the large double sink in the kitchen. It was pretty cute and they had a blast!!
Here are some of the pictures: