Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick Check In

This is probably going to seem like rambling, but I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.
We returned from Wisconsin and Sophia's baptism. It was lovely. Flying with three children under three - NOT lovely!!
We are headed back out of town again today for a week in the mountains of North Carolina. That should be fun.
Georgia's last day of school is today. Last night was her end of the year program - too stinkin' cute! Naturally, I forgot my camera, but without a video camera you couldn't really appreciate how sweet it was anyway. The preschool class singing on stage was so fabulous! It brought tears to my eyes.
We still don't have our move solidified because the military hasn't given us housing in Virginia yet. Our latest information is that we will find out IF we get housing on June 1st. But, we still don't know if they will give us a move-in date at that time.
Please say a prayer for us, For my sanity in particular. The constant state of flux around her is starting to wear on me. We know that Chris starts school on July 5th, so we really, really were hoping to get moved in and unpacked before then. But, it is looking unlikely.
I'll post again soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fun with Friends!

Sharing some pictures of Georgia with her friend, Avery, and Olivia with her best bud, Alex. Alex and Avery happen to be brother and sister!

Check out Olivia's first kiss!

Cookies and Crafts

The next time I mention that it would be fun to invite 12 of Georgia's closest friends over for a playdate, buy me a straight jacket! As we are preparing for the end of the school year and as we are moving away, I wanted to give Georgia an opportunity to play with some of her friends outside of school. So, we invited a bunch of her friends over and had cookies and milk and did Mother's Day crafts. In a moment of clarity, I only purchased water washable art supplies! Which was great, because at different points there were paints and marker on the walls, floor, furniture and even the siding on the outside of the house! I had three stations set up - one with crayons, one with markers, one with water colors. I purchased kits from Oriental Trading Company - fold-out cards (link to dad version, mom is sold out already), magnets, and flower pots. I also had purchased colorful gift bags for each child to place their Mom's treasures in, and gave the children foam stickers to decorate the bags with. I served homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk boxes to drink.
The kids all seemed to have alot of fun, and their crafts were adorable! And, I am only teasing about needing a straight jacket. It was great fun and I would do it again, but not for awhile - I am pooped! :)

Quote for Today!

Welcome Liz to the blogging world!

I encourage you to go check out my good friend, Liz's new blog! Welcome to the world of blogging!

Monday, May 7, 2007

martha's got nothin' on me!

okay... that might be a slight exaggeration! tee hee.
I was a little crafty this weekend, however, and was inspired by the picture on page 109 in the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I wanted to make an initial wall hanging for each of our girls. So, I ventured off to Michaels in search of the oval shaped wooden plaques and wooden letters and paint. I painted the wooden letters and covered the wooden plaques with batting and fabric and then attached the letters and some ribbon for hanging! They turned out really cute, if I do say so myself!


Kristi posted this challenge on her blog and I thought I would respond. See her post to read about how it started...
Finish these sentences...

beautiful ribbon is - really fun to use.
books are - to get soggy while reading in the bathtub, or sandy while reading at the beach.
flowers are - to smell and touch.
chocolate chip cookie dough is - to be eaten one finger-ful at the time before the dough ever hits the cookie sheet!
postage stamps - are to be bought in all of the cutest varieties and used to send good mail to all of our friends (old and new)
a blog is - to share ideas, and photographs and thoughts about life!

I tag Kacey, Liz, and Maggie!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Girls

Here is another picture from our portrait sitting. These are our girls!
Aren't they cute?

Family Pictures

We had our annual family picture taken recently. I think it turned out fabulous! I especially love that the photographer snapped a picture to show what the experience was really like!

Holy Traffic, Batman!

My pretty, little, quaint town has been experiencing horrific traffic gridlocks this week. We are a coastal town that is basically surrounded by water - rivers that feed into the ocean. The majority of the town is on one side of a river, with a series of barrier islands across two bridges. The large bridge was hit by a barge last week and closed due to damage. Which leaves literally tens of thousands of cars to travel across a two-lane swing bridge. There are some citizens who live on the islands - Fripp and Dataw and St. Helena Islands - who have sat in traffic for up to 3 hours before giving up and going home. They didn't even get to where they were going, they just turned around and went home! It is mind-boggling! There are businesses and gas stations on the islands that have also been affected - they cannot get deliveries because the swing bridge cannot accomodate large trucks, not to mention that delivery drivers just wont deliver because they cannot afford to sit in traffic all day and not make ANY of their deliveries.
I, fortunately, live in the main part of town, and the air station where my husband works is also on the mainland. Unfortunately, Georgia attends montessori school over on the island. My neighbor and I have begun carpooling, which has helped. We really wish that we had begun carpooling at the beginning of the year! It usually takes me 15 minutes to get Georgia to preschool and it is now taking 45 minutes or more!
The traffic backups have been affecting the whole town. Many people who work at the air station live on the islands and their commute is literally hours long and they are backed up all the way through town. The governor of our state happens to be married to the town's mayor (how about that!?!) and he did visit earlier this week, but didn't have alot to say. Rumors are that the bridge repairs could take 7 or 8 months to complete. They have altered traffic patterns every day in effort to find a better method of controlling traffic. And there are TONS of state troopers deployed here to help direct traffic, thank Goodness!
So, if you notice that I haven't been blogging or emailing as much, it is because I am probably sitting in my car, singing along with the radio, trying to pacify fussy babies, or talking on my cell phone. So, give me a call!