Monday, May 7, 2007


Kristi posted this challenge on her blog and I thought I would respond. See her post to read about how it started...
Finish these sentences...

beautiful ribbon is - really fun to use.
books are - to get soggy while reading in the bathtub, or sandy while reading at the beach.
flowers are - to smell and touch.
chocolate chip cookie dough is - to be eaten one finger-ful at the time before the dough ever hits the cookie sheet!
postage stamps - are to be bought in all of the cutest varieties and used to send good mail to all of our friends (old and new)
a blog is - to share ideas, and photographs and thoughts about life!

I tag Kacey, Liz, and Maggie!

1 comment:

kristi brooke said...

oh i love that you did this and the tag photo. so creative