Monday, January 28, 2008

Celebrity Twin

I was reading Anna Maria Horner's blog and was giggling at her post on celebrity twins. She got the idea from here.
And, I got to thinking about my celebrity twin. When I was growing up, people used to often say that I looked like Linda Blair in the exorcist. At the time, I had no idea who that was and had definately not seen the exorcist. I still haven't seen it because scary movies are not my thing. But, I have seen pictures of Linda Blair.

Then, when I was in college, I worked at a summer camp, and one of the little punks, I mean - little darlings said that I, "looked like the girl from Beverly Hills 90210. Not the cute one, the other one - Donna."
Okay. If you say so. Which Donna?

this one?

this one?

this one?

this one?

Okay, enough of that! I am not sure if there is any celebrity that I look like these days...

What about you? What celebrity do you look like?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

You-tube Saturday

Some days I feel like this...

Click on the picture to see it full size!
I saw this on a blog the other day and thought it was hysterical.
I know a lot of ladies who can appreciate this!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fat Quarter Friday at I Want Fabric

At our IWANTFABRIC.COM website:


We are starting something new here at I Want Fabric! We are going to give away - yes FREE - 4 fat quarters every Friday! How fun is that!?! And, all you have to do to enter is post a comment (NOT HERE - on the IWANTFABRIC blog)! Post by midnight on Friday night, and we will choose the winner with a random number generator over the weekend and post the winner on Monday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Love Swap Update

Okay, here we go! We have 30 - oops - nope - make that 31 - people participating in the L-O-V-E Swap. That odd number required some creative pairings, so you are not going to receive a package from the same person you send to. I am in the process of contacting each person to let them know who they are sending their package to. If you haven't heard from me, please email me asap!
Otherwise, you are all ready to put together your swap packages. Please be sure to mail your package by Feb. 9th so that your person has a package to open on Valentine's Day! And, be sure to post on your blog a picture/description/thank you for - your package after you receive it!
Have fun!

Holy Cow - It's a Blog-iversary!

I cannot believe that I missed my blog anniversary on Jan. 20th. I had in the back of my mind that it was coming up, and then it slipped by and I missed it altogether!
I want to post a couple of giveaways to celebrate my blog-iversary. I am going to take entries until the end of this week - so please enter by midnight, Friday, 2/1/08.

1) I picked up this book awhile ago and thought it would be perfect for a giveaway.

You Can Do It!: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls
Grandcolas was an experienced sales and marketing professional embarking on a writing career when she died on United Flight 93 on 9/11; her husband, family, and publisher rallied together to complete her outstanding debut, which encourages middle-aged women to do the things they have always dreamed of doing. The text-patterned after a Girl Scout manual-is made up of seven "badge" categories (e.g., "Dare," "Create," and "Learn") that are further organized into activities such as learning to skydive and care for one's car and building family rituals or breaking bad habits. Each badge takes readers through the task from start to finish and includes excerpts from professionals in that field. A bibliography of books, magazines, and web sites for further information is included. A pure pleasure to browse, this is the perfect gift for those celebrating 40th birthdays and beyond and will enjoy a high circulation among public library patrons. Highly recommended. Library Journal

Not long before 9/11, Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas posted a motto on her refrigerator door: "Get busy living or get busy dying." The 38-year-old marketing executive, pregnant with her first child, had recently started work on a book encouraging women to pursue their dreams—no matter how outlandish—even as they struggled with the daily demands of children, marriage and career. Grandcolas came up with a set of "merit badges for grown-ups" and even hung her old Girl Scout sash above her desk as inspiration. Before she could finish, Grandcolas was killed aboard United Flight 93. After her death, Lauren's husband and sisters gathered her notes and met with her agent. This week, Chronicle Books will posthumously release "You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls." "She truly, truly wanted women to get out there and taste life," says Vaughn Lohec, Lauren's younger sister. "But it's bittersweet that she can't be here to talk about the book herself." Newsweek

Want to fly airplanes? Break a habit? Learn photography? Grandcolas demystifies 60 popular activities here. Low-key visualization and a biographical page featuring a talented mentor kicks off each chapter. Badge steps follow, conveying all the necessary how-to's. Margins contain revealing anecdotes, plus thumbnail definitions for mastering each skill's language. For example, the wine appreciation chapter offers brief descriptions of common whites and red, tips for ordering in restaurants, a glass guide, and suggestions for creating a wine journal. The final step--stocking your own cellar, in this case--concludes with a hearty "Congratulations!" and tips for venturing "Beyond the Badge." A pageful of resources including books, magazines, web sites, and related organizations completes each chapter. For those who groove on such things, 60 silver-dollar-sized merit badges await earning (okay, they're just really pretty stickers at the book's end). Never motherly nor professorly, You Can Do It! fuses straight talk and wry humor to keep the read enjoyable, and success within reach.--Liane Thomas

Winner: Comment #22 - Amanda

2) For all the fabric lovers I know, I am also going to give away a yard of fabric for you to do something fun with!

Winner - Comment #98 - Katie

3) I will also give away a child's felt hair do-dah of your choice (a couple of examples are pictured)

Winner: Comment #119 - Sheila

4) I will also give away a burp cloth and onesie baby gift set

Winner: Comment #122 - Heather

Soooo... that means there will be 4 winners. All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Please make sure that there is some way for me to contact you, either through your blog, or you leave an email address with blogger when you post. So, in other words, if you leave an anonymous post, I will not be able to get in touch with you about your loot!

I listed this giveaway on bloggy giveaways. Click here to go there!

I have used the random number generator to choose the winners. I will post them soon!
Click here to see the winners!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Okay, I haven't done an SPT in entirely too long. So, here it is. I was sitting at my sewing table, looking out the window at the Potomac River. Yes, I have an amazing view from my studio, and I am grateful for it. Today, I was sitting at my sewing table, looking at the river, and thinking about what a day it had been.
I was woken by Princess Fancypants (G) at 5:30am. I made her get in the bed with me, in hopes that she would go back to sleep. Fat chance. She wiggled and squirmed and touched my face and snuggled and WHATEVER for another hour until my alarm went off. I woke up grouchy. Then, the morning kind of went downhill from there. I was having house maintenance issues, uncooperative children, and just general chaos. I was almost in tears several times, and definately very stressed. The situation with the girls got better throughout the day, but I was still dealing with house maintenance stress, and the weather was cold and dreary.
I bet you are wondering when I am going to get to the SPT part, right? Well, hang on. Back to the studio. I was sitting and looking out at the river when I spotted a rainbow. A rainbow! Just what I needed to remind me that I may have had a tough day, but I have a lot of blessings and the rainbow signifies hope for a better tomorrow. I grabbed my camera and my coat and went outside to see if I could photograph it. As I was walking outside to take the picture, I realized it was Tuesday, and by George, I am actually a she who is photographing on Tuesday. So, I decided to come back inside and pop over to Lelly's blog to see if, by chance, my photograph fit into the them for today's SPT. No such luck. But, I am sharing my picture anyway! :)
Can you see the rainbow just above that house? I'm sorry that you can't see the river from this angle. I'll show the river another time!

Now, back to the ACTUAL SPT for today...

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

Well, that's an easy one. My name is Missy. I have an addiction. To fabric.

Okay, seriously, I love to create with fabric. I sew almost every day. I own so much fabric, I am now part-owner of a fabric website ( I design and create children's clothing (Sweet Funky Vintage) to sell, so I am buying, designing with, sewing, or talking about fabric every day! I just love fabric. I knew my blog would be about my family, my life, and my business. So, calling my blog "fabric of my life" just made sense to me.

Here is a picture of part of my fabric stash a couple of months ago. I was too busy taking pictures of rainbows today to take a new picture!

I have a dream...

I read a post today on a new blog introduced to me by Lisa,The blog is called Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper. The blog post was titled, "Yes you should", and it was in reference to "I have a dream." Please read it. I really liked it.

She said:

I have a dream....

I have a dream that one day we will unite as a country to care for the deserving ones who cannot care for themselves. We will provide health care for our elderly and not force them into poverty with rising pharmaceutical prices for medicines that enable them to simply live.

I have a dream that we will welcome our military home with joy and gratitude and not force our beliefs upon them about a war they fought while we watched it on the news.

I have a dream that one day I will not fear sending my children to a public school.

I have a dream that myself and others like me can speak freely and innocently, with no malice in our hearts, and not be labeled as a person who hates simply because of the words we choose.

I have a dream that people will rise above those words thereby taking away their power to harm.

Here is my dream:

I have a dream that stay at home Moms will be respected for the choices and sacrifices that they make to spend their days being their chidren's teacher, inspiration, and mentor.

I have a dream that Moms who work outside the home will not be treated like they care more about their careers than their children.

I have a dream that there will be a day where children in America do not go to bed hungry.

I have a dream that there will come a time when those who work hard to provide for their families will not live a more sparse existence than those who choose not to work.

I have a dream that there will come a time when everyone exercises their right to vote.

I have a dream that someday teachers will be able to earn more than executives.

Do you have a dream?

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Heavy Load

I read this ages ago in a children's book called Zen Shorts, by Jon J. Muth. It has stayed with me. I am fortunate enough to have lots and lots of nice people in my life. I am even blessed by some really fantastic people. Sadly, not everyone in this world is a nice person, though, and sometimes those "not-so-nice people" cross my path. When I feel really down because of a "not-so-nice person" and their bad behavior, I think about this story, which is about letting go.

A Heavy Load

Two traveling monks reached a town where there was a young woman waiting to step out of her sedan chair. The rains had made deep puddles and she couldn't step across without spoiling her silken robes. She stood there, looking very cross and impatient. She was scolding her attendants. They had nowhere to place the packages they held for her, so they couldn't help her across the puddle. The younger monk noticed the woman, said nothing, and walked by. The older monk quickly picked her up and put her on his back, transported her across the water, and put her down on the other side. She didn't thank the older monk, she just shoved him out of the way and departed.

As they continued on their way, the young monk was brooding and preoccupied. After several housrs, unable to hold his silence, he spoke out. "That woman back there was very selfish and rude, but you picked her up on your back and carried her! Then she didn't even thank you!"

"I set the woman down hours ago," the older monk replied. "Why are you still carrying her?"

Last Day to Sign Up for L-O-V-E!

Today is the last day to sign up for the L-O-V-E swap. So, please sign up, by clicking here!

I will email your swap partner's information to you by 1/23, and you will need to mail your package no later that 2/9 so it will arrive in time for Valentine's Day.The theme of this swap is L-O-V-E! So, include in your package anything fun that you love, but include an item that starts with each of the letters of the word "love"!Feel free to advertise this swap on your own blog. Let's really share the love!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I saw this on a blog I surfed past today, The Memory Bee, and thought it might be fun to do. So, here are a few random sites that I have bookmarked on my computer... - just bookmarked this the other day to use for the preschool Valentine's day party. - just love these, don't own any, but I will someday. - beautiful things. - a craft that so inspired me, I started making them for my girls. - a free pattern from Amy Butler. - love listening to this when I need a pick-me-up. - going to try this. - think this is totally cool.

So, I am tagging a couple of you to share some of your website bookmarks with us!

Friday, January 18, 2008

2007 In Review

RECAP for 2007

1. What did you do in 2007 that you’d never done before? I exhibited at my very first craft market - market days in Tallahassee, FL, in December. It was very fun and pretty successful (which made it fun!)

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don't remember making any specific new year's resolutions, but it is possible I just blocked them out because I wasn't very good at following through!

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? me!

4. Did anyone close to you die? no

5. What countries did you visit? none

6. What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007? more peace and joy

7. What dates from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? February 7th - Sophia's birth.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Going into business with Liz - Sweet Funky Vintage - a dream realized!

9. What was your biggest failure? I don't know if I think of any failures as big, except in the sense that I learned from things that didn't go like I thought or hoped they would.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? nothing more than common illnesses, thank God.

11. What was the best thing you bought? I can't think of anything specific that I bought myself that was "the best"

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? The girls have done really well with the big move from South Carolina to Virginia. Kids are really as resilient as everyone says.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? Those you read about in the news who do terrible things, and seem filled with hatred.

14. What did you spend most of your money on? fabric!

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? my businesses - Sweet Funky Vintage and I Want Fabric and my girls

16. What song will always remind you of 2007? I can't think of just one. Probably the mix of songs that I put together for my BMW girlfriends.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or sadder? 
b) thinner or fatter? 
c) richer or poorer? a)happier b)thinner (gotta love being able to consider that I was pregnant this time last year! Better lose the rest of that baby weight so I can say that I am thinner again next year!) c) poorer (darn real estate market!)

18. What do you wish you’d done more of? spent time with my family

19. What do you wish you’d done less of? feeling sorry for myself.

20. Did you fall in love in 2007? I fall more in love with my husband and my girls all the time!

21. What was your favorite TV program? Grey's Anatomy, House, NCIS, The Unit, General Hospital, Brothers and Sisters, Project Runway - whoa! I watch too much t.v.!

22. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year? No. But, I did waste alot of time being angry with people who weren't worth the energy it took to be angry with them.

23. What was the best book you read? I read alot, but didn't read anything really spectacular last year.

24. What was your greatest musical discovery? hmmmm. don't think I discovered anyone specific...

25. What did you want and get? I wanted an embroidery sewing machine - thanks Mom and Dad!

26. What did you want and not get? more peace and quiet, more bubble baths.

27. What was your favorite film of this year? I didn't see any stand-out movies this year.

28. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? I was 35. My family took me out for pizza!

29. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? taking time to be more creative for myself, my house, and my kids.

30. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2007? I am really working hard to get out of the "soccer mom" mode. I am having some success with finding some trendy casual clothes that fit my lifestyle and my budget!

31. What kept you sane? My ipod; Blogging; sewing, my family.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ginger Blossom

We LOVE Sandi's (of Portabello Pixie fame) new fabric line - Ginger Blossom. She is designing for Michael Miller and the fabrics are to-die-for!!

We are offering them for pre-sale on I Want Fabric for only $7.99 per yard! Check them out!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

L-O-V-E Swap!

We love Valentine's day around our house. We have already done a little decorating, and are planning to introduce a new holiday tradition in our family. I got this idea from Kristi - make a special Valentine's pillow to place on everyone's beds. The pillow will have a pocket in it that family members can place notes and little Valentine's treats in throughout the few weeks before Valentine's day.

So, let's go ahead and unveil our Valentine's Day Swap! You don't have to have a blog to participate in this swap - so to all of my friends who pop in here, please feel free to join in!

You have almost a month to get ready for this swap. Sign up this week, by Monday, 1/21.

**** I have had several late joiners today, and I want everyone to be able to participate, so I am extending the deadline to midnight, Tuesday, 1/22.****

I will email your swap partner's information to you by 1/23, and you will need to mail your package no later that 2/9 so it will arrive in time for Valentine's Day.

The theme of this swap is L-O-V-E! So, include in your package anything fun that you love, but include an item that starts with each of the letters of the word "love"!

Feel free to advertise this swap on your own blog. Let's really share the love!

Just post a comment here to sign up for the swap. And be sure to send me an email so I have your email address to send you your swap partner's information.

Okay, Jennifer suggested that I add a Mr. Linky to this swap! Thanks Jen!

This swap is now closed! I will be sending out information to each person about their swap partner. So, please watch your email inbox. If you didn't email me with your email address, please do!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our First Press

Sweet Funky Vintage has been featured over on the Boutique Flair blog! Krista of boutique flair had done a product review for Sweet Funky Vintage. We are offering the boutique flair readers a disount too - so check it out!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A shopping epiphany!

I don't know, maybe I just don't get out much. But, today, I made a fabulous discovery - Steve and Barry's. Have you ever heard of it? Of course you have, I appear to be the only one who didn't know about this marvelous place!
Well, I happened to catch a rerun of Oprah yesterday on which Sarah Jessica Parker appeared, talking about her new clothing line, Bitten. My ears perked up when she mentioned that nothing in her entire collection costs more than $20. NOTHING. I couldn't believe my ears and I was determined to go in and check it out as soon as possible.
I happened to have a few spare minutes today between Mommy and me Tumbling and pre-school pick-up, so I popped in. HOLY COW! It was a sale! And, when I say sale, don't think that I mean it was a few really awful things bunched up on a couple of racks way in the back of the store. I mean it was a SALE - everything in the store was $8.98. EVERYTHING!!
So, I started to SHOP! Here are a few peeks at what I purchased!

I got these in this color and also in black.

I got these in dark gray.

I also got a black leather headband, a great black tunic dress with bell sleeves, and a pink long sleeve t-shirt.

But, the Pièce de résistance - or in English - the really skippy deal was this coat:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Year...

Quote for the year: 'First, think. Second, beleive. Third, dream. And finally, Dare.'
Walter Elias Disney

I admired Kristi for choosing a word for the year and then applying it to her life in such a real way all year long. I have tried to think about what word I would choose for myself this year. So far, I have not come up with a good word. Any suggestions? I could sure use some!
Kristi's word for last year was Stretch. And she definately did stretch herself in many ways. If you have never read her blog, I highly recommend you reading it. I am really inspired by her.

So, maybe I will come up with a word for the year, maybe I will not. But, I like the quote that I found above.
1. think
2. believe
3. dream
4. dare

Many of you know that I am working with my friend, Liz, on a new business venture. Although, I am not crazy about the word venture - maybe Ad-venture would be better. It is an adventure. It is exciting and crazy and fun. I am really passionate about making Sweet Funky Vintage into a success. To me, success isn't just about money. Although, don't get me wrong - money would be nice... I want it to be fun, creative, and inspiring. We have incorporated into our business plan a social mission. We want to make sure that we are giving back to society. We have a couple of different programs that will enable us to donate clothing to a local shelter in Tallahassee, FL, and to a national charity, as well as a monetary donation program that will buy books for children through First Book. It is really cool. We may not be Brad or Angelina and be donating gazillions to rebuild a city - but we are doing our part to be global citizens.

On a level closer to home. I have made a pact that I will sew for my girls more often. Before I start working on "work" projects, I am going to complete projects for my home and my children. In looking back, I discovered that I was most happy this past year when I was creating for myself, my home, and my girls in addition to working. So, I am going to aim to remember to nurture myself too.

I really didn't start out writing this post to talk about my new year's resolutions, but I guess I have shared a little bit of those too. I have some of the stereotypical resolutions that many people have - lose weight, eat healthy, take better care of myself, start fewer projects - finish more, save money - that sort of thing.

It will be interesting to see where the coming year leads us, won't it? I wish you a happy, healthy 2008. Best of luck to you!

Oh - my blogiversary is coming up on Jan. 20th. I would like to do a couple of giveaways in conjunction with that. If you make anything that you would like to donate, or if you would just like to re-gift something that may not be fabulous for you but would for someone else, please let me know! It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive, just something fun. I am going to be offering a few giveaways myself. So, let's share a little cheer in January!

I am going to start sign-ups for a swap soon too. It will be a Valentine's Day swap. So, watch out for details on that!

100 things about me...

I said that I would re-evaluate this each year on my birthday. My birthday was over a month ago, so it is about time!!

1. I am not as good a friend as I would like to be.
2. I surround myself with friends who have qualities I admire and would like to emulate.
3. My birthday is December 4th
4. My husband is my best friend
5. I am so lucky to have some of the best friends a girl could have.
6. Nothing in life gives me more joy than my children
7. I think Gerbera daisies are the happiest flower
8. I love music so much, I listen to music much of the time.
9. I love cherry limeades from Sonic.
10. I am completely addicted to Starbucks Cafe Mochas.
11. I read alot.
12. I love to do anything crafty. I wish I had more time, and more follow-through!
13. I am teaching myself how to knit.
14. I have been knitting the same baby sweater for over a year!
15. I rarely change my jewelry, I just wear a couple of simple, basic pieces.
16. I drive an SUV
17. I am messy and own entirely too much crap.
18. I wish I could play the piano
19. I wish I could play the guitar
20. I love to watch a few shows on tv - Grey's Anatomy, General Hospital, All My Children, House, NCIS, The Unit, Project Runway... I can't stand to watch TV programs unless they have been Tivo'd.
21. Tivo is the best invention in recent years!
22. I am a dyson vacuum convert. The first time I used it on my rugs, I couldn't believe the difference!
23. I love chocolate and eat it almost every day.
24. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and wish I could eat it every night.
25. My all-time favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry's Wavy Gravy
26. I do not like any form of athletic activity.
27. I used to collect vintage Home Economics textbooks and vintage sewing patterns.
28. I love jars of old buttons.
29. I love black and white photographs.
30. I love stained glass windows.
31. I love Italian and Mexican food.
32. I think family traditions are very important and try to start several new ones each year.
33. I love to wear sandals.
34. I like the way my toenails look painted, but don't like to paint them.
35. I still have the stuffed animal that I got when I was 14.
36. My house burned down when I was 14.
37. I love to sew.
38. I sew almost every day.
39. I grew up in Florida.
40. I have lived in Florida, Texas, California, South Carolina, and Virginia.
41. I have been to Mardi Gras.
42. I love to visit London.
43. I love candles.
44. My favorite candle scent is dream by the Gap - unfortunately discontinued.
45. I love getting flower bulbs to bloom.
46. I wish I was a better home decorator.
47. I don't like to clean, but like to have a clean house.
48. My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.
49. My favorite actress and style icon is Audrey Hepburn.
50. I love holidays.
51. I love plants and flowers, but am not very good at remembering to water them and take care of them.
52. I still have a baby tooth.
53. I love magazines and subscribe to way too many of them.
54. I love scented soaps, especially handmade ones.
55. I hate to use fabric softener, it makes me sneeze.
56. The San Diego Zoo is one of my favorite places.
57. The National Zoo in Washington DC is becoming a favorite place.
58. Some of my favorite people are my online friends.
59. I don't drink coffee at home.
60. I don't like to think about how fattening Starbucks is!
61. I believe it is important to eat organic food when possible, especially dairy.
62. I am trying to eat healthier.
63. My car is usually a disaster area.
64. I like a cross between the "shabby chic" style and pottery barn.
65. I like to wear skirts.
66. I like to shop at Ann Taylor.
67. I would like to make a quilt someday.
68. I start Christmas shopping earlier every year. This year I started later than ever!
69. I love fabric shopping.
70. I own way too much fabric.
71. I love to eat fresh fruit, especially oranges and apples.
72. I rarely wear shorts.
73. I love to wear capri pants.
74. I wear a size 7.5 or 8 shoe.
75. My feet got bigger after I had children.
76. I have 4 sewing machines.
77. Sometimes I am very moody.
78. I love handwritten letters.
79. I love to get greetng cards in the mail for no special occasion.
80. I love to eat raw oysters.
81. I love taking bubble baths and reading in the bathtub.
82. Most types of deoderant make me itch.
83. I am rarely on time.
84. I set the clock on my car 6 minutes fast on purpose.
85. I want a pair of pink Crocs maryjanes.
86. I am trying to learn to spend less money on things I do not need.
87. I love to send "good mail" and think it is one the most fun things I have heard of in awhile.
88. I feel good when I go to church, and sad when I don't.
89. I have been blogging almost a year.
90. I want to learn how to take better photographs.
91. I love the feel of sunshine on my face.
92. I like to play games - board games, card games, computer games - whatever!
93. I love pretty stationary.
94. I own a lot of stationary!
95. I love monogrammed items.
96. I love to give gifts.
97. My eyes are brown.
98. I am generally satisfied with my appearance.
99. I need to lost some weight.
100. I rarely wear makeup.
101. I wore braces.
102. I wish I had a better memory.
103. I wish I didn't say stupid things sometimes, especially to people I care about.104. Sometimes I say stupid things when I don't know what else to say.
105. I want to be a better mother.
106. I can drive a stick shift.
107. I love hydrangeas.
108. Friendly people make me smile.
109. I have worn glasses/contacts since I was about 6 years old.
110. I don't have one favorite color. I like pink, green, and blue.
111. I often compose letters to friends in my mind and when I finally get around to writing them out, they are usually not as well written.
112. I love the smell of rosemary mint shampoo.
113. I love to shop at Target.

Okay, last year I only had 100 but this year I have 113...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to the routine

Well, we have returned from a great holiday visit to the mountains of North Carolina. We enjoyed Christmas with family, and New Years' with friends. I, naturally, took few pictures, so I will have to beg pictures from others before I can blog about our holidays.

This morning, we were back to our routine, and boy, are we out of practice! Yikes! We were almost 25 minutes behind schedule! So, I decided to create a morning routine chart for Georgia. It turned out way cute, so I thought I would post it here. The idea is that you use a clothespin, and clip it on the spot that corresponds to the task she is currently doing. Her morning tasks are: wake up and make bed, eat breakfast, take dishes to sink, use the potty, wash hands and face, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair, get backpack, go to car. So, hopefully, using this chart, she will stay on task, and that will free me up to work with the babies. Olivia is currently potty training, so it is quite a job to get everyone fed, dressed, and out to the car in time to get Georgia to preschool.