Monday, April 30, 2007

Latest Creations!

I thought I would share the last few designs I have made...

I just finished one more that I made with Heather Bailey's fresh cuts fabrics, but I haven't had a chance to photograph it yet. Soon... I promise!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter Re-cap!

I have been meaning to post our Easter weekend pictures for awhile now!
We left carrots out for the Easter Bunny!

I created a template for bunny prints and we sprinkled baby powder in them to make Easter bunny tracks all over the house. Georgia loved it! My Dad said he did NOT want to meet a bunny that left tracks that large!

I got the idea for this cake from the fabulous Kristi and my sister, Kim, was kind enough to create it! It was as yummy as it looks!

Georgia and Olivia hunting Easter eggs!

Here are the Easter baskets - er - buckets - that I made for the girls! We hid them around the house and they hunted for them!

Georgia and I got to spend the afternoon with our good friends, Liz and Lily! Pictured here is Lily with the Easter bunny.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Some turkey stole my visa check card number. The check card is attached to my business account and they cleaned it out and now the account is overdrawn. I will be able to get the mess sorted out - but how completely aggravating and time consuming. I wish losers like that would just use their technological talents for good instead of evil and just get a job!!!

A sad, sad day...

I have received several emails and phone calls from friends who know that we live in Beaufort, South Carolina, and that my husband flies the same type of aircraft that the Blue Angels do.
We were at the air show at the Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, when the crash occured. The Blue Angels put on a tremendous, awe-inspiring air show as they usually do. But, tragically, there was a terrible ending to the show, as one of the jets crashed and the pilot perished.
I am so very thankful that there were no serious injuries to anyone on the ground, and that the damage was not worse than it was.
The crash happened in a rural area about half-way between the Air Station and where our neighborhood is.
The emergency vehicles needed to respond to the crash site and in order to minimize traffic issues, they locked down the base and nobody was able to leave the base for awhile. Traffic was finally moving and we were able to leave about three hours after the crash occured.
It was such a sad day. Please remember the pilot's family, the Blue Angels family, Naval and Marine Aviators, and the military in your prayers today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recipe - Texas Caviar

One of my all-time favorites!!

Texas Caviar

2 cans black eyed peas (I use Bush's)
1 can black beans (I use Bush's)
3 cans shoepeg corn
9 plum tomatos, chopped in small pieces
1 large bunch green onions, chopped
1 large green bell pepper, chopped
5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
4 jalepeno peppers, chopped
1 large bunch fresh cilantro, chopped
1 lg Paul Newman's Family Style Italian Dressing
6-7 oz feta cheese
Drain and rinse the beans, and drain the corn (let it drain in the colander). Chop all the veggies and put it in the bowl. Add the beans and corn. Pour the salad dressing over it and mix gently. Crumble the cheese on it and barely toss it again, then stick it in the fridge. When it's time to serve and you're transferring to a serving bowl, the cheese will mix in better. In other words, handle the cheese as little as possible so it doesn't crumble into mushy, tiny pieces. Store in fridge. Best if it can sit one or two nights before serving.
*** Makes a Lot!!!

came from my cousin (a fabulous cook!), Lori Allan!

Self Portrait Tuesday

The Self Portrait Tuesday challenge from Lelly:

But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin

the very nice taxman (who is happy that you filed your taxes!) has given you a $100.00 'virtual' refund. you can 'spend' this money to update one item in your wardrobe.

what item do you choose? is it a favorite pair of every-day jeans that have gotten so faded they need to be replaced? do you need a new skirt because you've lost weight since last spring? how about exercise outfits? new shoes? a funky top for date night?

are you clothes savvy? or clothes shy? do you buy multiple versions of the same shirts in every color? do you buy 'outfits' or do you mix-n-match separates? what's the oldest item of clothing you have that you simply can't part with? will you blow the $100.00 on one fabulous item, or will you be combing the clearance racks??

don't forget, the 'virtual' refund is just for you!! indulge yourself!

If I had a $100 virtual refund - I would buy shoes. Two pairs to be exact. But not just any shoes...

I love shoes. Most people who say that they love shoes, love many different pairs of shoes, different colors, different styles, heels, flats, sandals, strappy shoes, tennis shoes, casual shoes, sparkly shoes, designer shoes - you name it. I have more of a monogamous relationship with shoes. Let me explain. I own many different pairs of shoes, but I typically wear only a few different pairs. When I find my "true love" paif of shoes, I will wear them every day until they die. My shoes die of old age, and not because I have had them forever, but because I wear them every day, everywhere. I will buy a pair of shoes that I like the looks of and think will be comfortable and coordinate with most everything in my wardrobe. Understand that my style is pretty traditional, casual, and comfortable. Lots of khaki capris and white t-shirts. So, it isn't a tall order for a shoe to match most everything in my wardrobe.
My two recent "true love" pairs of shoes have been retired because one pair is falling apart and the other just smells awful. I have pictured both pairs here. I would replace them, but sadly, the manufacturers no longer make them. Perhaps I should search ebay. In any case, the first pair are loafers, they are scuffed and splattered and just really broken in. I bought them at Target several years ago and think they were less than $20 brand new. So, if you divide that $20 by the many times that I have worn them in the past couple of years, they were practically free! And the same can be said for the black sandals. They were probably the most expensive sandals I have ever owned. They are made by the Clarks shoe company and those of you who have ever owned a pair of Clarks, you know how incredibly comfortable they are. If those two pairs of shoes were still available, I would buy several copies of them to store away to pull out when the old ones get worn out.

What would you spend a $100 virtual refund on?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Last week was a busy week - but, then again, aren't they all???
Georgia had surgery - tubes put in and adenoids removed. I was a little nervous trying to explain it to her, so Chris and I sat her down and we started off by saying that she would get to wear her pajamas to the doctor's office and we would go to a doctor's office and a nice nurse would come to get her and take her back to a room where she would get to lie down and take a nap. That is when the crying started. Yes. We hadn't even said anything scary. But, she was most distressed about having to take a nap in the morning. She didn't want to have to take a nap! How funny is that? So, we convinced her that it would be such a short nap that she would hardly even know that she was ever asleep. And then we continued on talking about how while she was asleep they would drain the water out of her ears and put tubes in to help the water not build up again. We simplified everything and decided not to go into detail about the adenoids at all, just told her that she would wake up with a sore throat and that she would be able to eat all of the popsicles, jello, and ice cream that she wanted for 3 days. She seemed fine with that idea! Something distracted her, and the subject was dropped. The next morning, she wondered where her brand new hot pink earplugs were and I explained that she wouldn't need to wear those until after her surgery. Then she says, "surgery? What was that about again?" I took a deep breath and started my story over again about the doctor's office, and she interrupted, saying, "oh, you mean candy day". To which, I replied, "yes, that's it!"
The surgery itself went well. She was happy and excited because they made such a big deal about her froggy. He got his own bracelet with his name on it (went around his neck as a necklace, though), and the nurses even fixed him up a bed out of a little plastic tub. She was not a happy camper coming out of the anesthesia and did not like the IV in her foot. But, within an hour later, she was totally fine and happy to be starting the first of her all-you-can-eat ice cream snacks! I let her take advantage of that for the full three days, but truly after the first hour or so, she was much, much better!
But, it was a busy week taking care of her and her sisters!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Good Day for Good Mail!

How lucky am I? I have always loved getting fun mail! And there is nothing more fun than opening the mailbox and finding a sweet note from a friend!

Kristi, Lelly, Kacey - you rock! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

Mark your Calendars! Ben & Jerry's will have free ice cream cones on April 17th! Since taxes are due that day - go drown your sorrows with some Chunky Monkey, Chubby Hubby, or Wavy Gravy!

Self-Portrait Tuesday

Challenge by Lelly...
easter weekend is upon us. for many, this is a time of church services and egg hunts. spring break and first swims of the season. white tights on girls and knee pants on boys.

i will spend easter sunday with some of my family (i wish it could be all!) there will be church in the morning, egg hunts for the kiddies, and ham for dinner. i have already put my husband and son on notice that i envision them wearing their "matchie" shirts. enough said!

this week's challenge: in your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it

what are your fondest memories of easter as a child? are you chocolate, or jelly beans? did you ever actually have an easter bonnet?!?

as you gather with family and friends (in their matchie clothes), remember to get yourself in that group shot!! when you were finding those perfect outfits, did you remember to find something for you? will you snap casual photos around the family table, or will you troupe out on the lawn for a staged shot?

have FUN with this challenge!! while you're at it, hunt a few eggs or pilfer a chocolate bunny from the basket. as you sit around the easter table, take a few moments to tell someone how much you appreciate being able to spend the day with them.

Check out my shadow! This is usually the only way I get in pictures! I find that I am always behind the camera. Chris did get me at one point though!
When I was growing up, my Mom always bought my sister and I new Easter dresses. We even managed to talk her into buying us new Easter dresses well into our 20s! I don't remember ever wearing a bonnet or hat of any kind, but I suppose it is possible that I wore one as a young child.

Best Friends

Do you have a best friend? Is the best friend that you have now the same one that you had as a child?
I became best friends with a girl that I had known practically since birth. We became best friends in college, and continue to be friends, although we don't talk as often as I would like. I have another best friend that I have had for about 7 or 8 years now.
My daughter has a best friend, at 4 years old. I wonder if they will stay friends as we move away this summer. I hope so. Here are pictures of Georgia and Abbie.

Cutest Easter Craft!

Take a look at this blog - Molly Chicken!
I have to try making a few of these adorable easter chicks!

Her other tutorials are really neat-o too!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Baby Update

I have a bunch of pictures that I need to download from my camera, but I do have a picture to post. This was taken a few weeks ago. We only got one shot before Georgia came perilously close to dropping poor Sophia!
Sophia had her 8 week check-up today and weighs 10 lbs 4 oz. She is a pretty cute, chubby baby these days. She did have to get shots - so is a tiny bit grumpy this afternoon!

Big news for us - Chris has to report to school in Quantico on July 5th, so we are moving a little earlier than we had originally thought. Please remember us in your prayers, we need to sell this house and get moved and settled up there without losing our sanity!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Manic Monday!

Okay, not really manic! But, Mondays always seem crazy to me! We had a fabulous weekend, but busy! Friday evening was the squadron road rally - sort of like a scavenger hunt, but you collect clues and not actual objects. This road rally challenge/clues has been passed around for several years, but it is the first time that it has been done in our current squadron, and everyone seemed to have a really good time. The clues take everyone all around our town and they get to learn a little about the history of our town along the way. The fun part is that they have to figure out all of the clues and go through the route to find out where the party's destination is! They all get a quitter's envelope when they get their clue packet, but everyone hung in there and nobody quit, not even the team who arrived at the party over an hour after everyone else!!
Saturday morning arrived with an easter egg hunt for the girls, and they had a blast, but the sand gnats were crazy and the party broke up pretty much after the eggs were found.
Saturday evening we had dinner with Alison and Jeff and their family, and Alison proved once again that she is the hostess with the mostest! We had a fabulous dinner and a fabulous time and the kids had so much fun!
Sunday was spent doing laundry - ALL DAY! It is amazing to me how much laundry we make, and even when it is only one load that we are washing and folding, the load contains so many little people clothing items, that it takes FOREVER to fold!! So, 10 loads of laundry later, we now have no more laundry to do... for at least a day or two!

I want to share something neat with you. My dear friend, Shelli, has a blog and I peeked at it this morning to get caught up on her life. Last month she held a terrific birthday party for her son, and the coolest part is that she could plan it quickly and it was incredibly inexpensive! Hooray for Shelli!

This is from Shelli's blog:
I am hoping that I can get your help. I created a "badge" for Kevin Bacon's 6degrees Network for Good. Basically it acts as a button that can be added on to any website, blog, etc. to raise awareness and $ for a cause. I created one for FG syndrome. Whoever raises the most money will receive an additional $10k for Mr. Bacon himself. Please spread the word!! You can find my badge attached to my blog here... If you have a blog or website, please add it on for me, if you have an extra $10 to spare, please consider donating it to this worthy cause... and if you don't I would appreciate just spreading the word for me!