Monday, April 16, 2007

Last week was a busy week - but, then again, aren't they all???
Georgia had surgery - tubes put in and adenoids removed. I was a little nervous trying to explain it to her, so Chris and I sat her down and we started off by saying that she would get to wear her pajamas to the doctor's office and we would go to a doctor's office and a nice nurse would come to get her and take her back to a room where she would get to lie down and take a nap. That is when the crying started. Yes. We hadn't even said anything scary. But, she was most distressed about having to take a nap in the morning. She didn't want to have to take a nap! How funny is that? So, we convinced her that it would be such a short nap that she would hardly even know that she was ever asleep. And then we continued on talking about how while she was asleep they would drain the water out of her ears and put tubes in to help the water not build up again. We simplified everything and decided not to go into detail about the adenoids at all, just told her that she would wake up with a sore throat and that she would be able to eat all of the popsicles, jello, and ice cream that she wanted for 3 days. She seemed fine with that idea! Something distracted her, and the subject was dropped. The next morning, she wondered where her brand new hot pink earplugs were and I explained that she wouldn't need to wear those until after her surgery. Then she says, "surgery? What was that about again?" I took a deep breath and started my story over again about the doctor's office, and she interrupted, saying, "oh, you mean candy day". To which, I replied, "yes, that's it!"
The surgery itself went well. She was happy and excited because they made such a big deal about her froggy. He got his own bracelet with his name on it (went around his neck as a necklace, though), and the nurses even fixed him up a bed out of a little plastic tub. She was not a happy camper coming out of the anesthesia and did not like the IV in her foot. But, within an hour later, she was totally fine and happy to be starting the first of her all-you-can-eat ice cream snacks! I let her take advantage of that for the full three days, but truly after the first hour or so, she was much, much better!
But, it was a busy week taking care of her and her sisters!


lelly said...

i'm glad to hear georgia came through it like a champ. how many ice creams did it cost you?

Missy said...

Ice cream and popsicles for every meal and several snacks!!