Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday

The Self Portrait Tuesday challenge from Lelly:

But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin

the very nice taxman (who is happy that you filed your taxes!) has given you a $100.00 'virtual' refund. you can 'spend' this money to update one item in your wardrobe.

what item do you choose? is it a favorite pair of every-day jeans that have gotten so faded they need to be replaced? do you need a new skirt because you've lost weight since last spring? how about exercise outfits? new shoes? a funky top for date night?

are you clothes savvy? or clothes shy? do you buy multiple versions of the same shirts in every color? do you buy 'outfits' or do you mix-n-match separates? what's the oldest item of clothing you have that you simply can't part with? will you blow the $100.00 on one fabulous item, or will you be combing the clearance racks??

don't forget, the 'virtual' refund is just for you!! indulge yourself!

If I had a $100 virtual refund - I would buy shoes. Two pairs to be exact. But not just any shoes...

I love shoes. Most people who say that they love shoes, love many different pairs of shoes, different colors, different styles, heels, flats, sandals, strappy shoes, tennis shoes, casual shoes, sparkly shoes, designer shoes - you name it. I have more of a monogamous relationship with shoes. Let me explain. I own many different pairs of shoes, but I typically wear only a few different pairs. When I find my "true love" paif of shoes, I will wear them every day until they die. My shoes die of old age, and not because I have had them forever, but because I wear them every day, everywhere. I will buy a pair of shoes that I like the looks of and think will be comfortable and coordinate with most everything in my wardrobe. Understand that my style is pretty traditional, casual, and comfortable. Lots of khaki capris and white t-shirts. So, it isn't a tall order for a shoe to match most everything in my wardrobe.
My two recent "true love" pairs of shoes have been retired because one pair is falling apart and the other just smells awful. I have pictured both pairs here. I would replace them, but sadly, the manufacturers no longer make them. Perhaps I should search ebay. In any case, the first pair are loafers, they are scuffed and splattered and just really broken in. I bought them at Target several years ago and think they were less than $20 brand new. So, if you divide that $20 by the many times that I have worn them in the past couple of years, they were practically free! And the same can be said for the black sandals. They were probably the most expensive sandals I have ever owned. They are made by the Clarks shoe company and those of you who have ever owned a pair of Clarks, you know how incredibly comfortable they are. If those two pairs of shoes were still available, I would buy several copies of them to store away to pull out when the old ones get worn out.

What would you spend a $100 virtual refund on?


Jenny said...

My shoes are looking pretty shabby as well. And I am ALL about comfort. If they are cute and not comfy you won't find me buying them. I guess that is why I don't have very many pairs. Hey, at least you have decent ones. I wear flip flops or my tennis shoes.

lelly said...

oh, my goodness! i am wearing those loafers RIGHT NOW!! (are they the stinky ones? i'm a little sensitive about mine right now...)

donna said...

Shoes. You never can go wrong with shoes. Great SPT ;)

carlo said...

always fun to see what people come up with for spt. shoes are always a great choice, aren't they? :)