Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Food doesn't have to be boring!

You know me - I love to do little fun things to jazz up food for the girls.
Recently, we made a couple of cute critters.

G was pretty tickled to open her lunchbox at school and find this surprise for snacktime.
To make:
2 ritz crackers
smidgen of cream cheese
gel icing
- spread some cream cheese on one side of one cracker. Carefully cut the other cracker in half. Cut small pieces of the licorice for antenna and place those in the cream cheese. Position the cut cracker on top at an angle to form wings. Pipe 3 small dots of gel icing on the dimples on each cracker wing.

Kitty Cat Pancakes!

Daddy makes pancakes or waffles with the girls for breakfast each weekend. G had seen a picture of a kitty cat face on a pancake in her new magazine, so we created one like it using some strawberries, grapes, bananas, apple, and coconut.

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