Tuesday, January 23, 2007

100 things about me...

I love the idea of self-discovery about making this list of 100 things about me. I am going to take a look at it every year on my birthday and amend it as necessary. I recommend you making your own list of 100... very fun!

1. I don't think I am as good a friend as I would like to be.
2. My birthday is December 4th
3. My husband is my best friend
4. Nothing in life gives me more joy than my children
5. I think Gerbera daisies are the happiest flower
6. I love music so much, I listen to music much of the time.
7. I love cherry limeades from Sonic.
8. I am not a huge fast food fan, but every now and then, I must have a Big Mac and McDonalds french fries.
9. I read alot.
10. I love to do anything crafty. I wish I had more time, and more follow-through!
11. I am teaching myself how to knit.
12. I rarely change my jewelry, I just wear a couple of simple, basic pieces.
13. I drive an SUV
14. I am messy and own entirely too much crap.
15. I wish I could play the piano
16. I love to watch a few shows on tv - Grey's Anatomy, General Hospital, All My Children, House, NCIS, The Unit... I can't stand to watch TV programs unless they have been Tivo'd.
17. Tivo is the best invention in recent years!
18. I am a dyson vacuum convert. The first time I used it on my rugs, I couldn't believe the difference!
19. I love chocolate and eat it almost every day.
20. I love ice cream and wish I could eat it every night.
21. I do not like any form of athletic activity.
22. I collect vintage Home Economics textbooks.
23. I love jars of old buttons.
24. I love black and white photographs.
25. I love stained glass windows.
26. I love Italian food.
27. I think family traditions are very important and try to start several new ones each year.
28. I love to wear sandals.
29. I like the way my toenails look painted, but don't like to paint them.
30. I still have the stuffed animal that I got when I was 14.
31. My house burned down when I was 14.
32. I love to sew.
33. I grew up in Florida.
34. I have lived in Florida, Texas, California, South Carolina, and Virginia.
35. I have been to Mardi Gras.
36. I love to visit London.
37. I love candles.
38. My favorite candle scent is dream by the Gap - unfortunately discontinued.
39. I love getting flower bulbs to bloom.
40. I wish I was a better home decorator.
41. I don't like to clean, but like to have a clean house.
42. My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.
43. My favorite actress and style icon is Audrey Hepburn.
44. I love holidays.
45. I love plants and flowers, but am not very good at remembering to water them and take care of them.
46. I still have a baby tooth.
47. I love magazines and subscribe to way too many of them.
48. I love scented soaps, especially handmade ones.
49. I hate to use fabric softener, it makes me sneeze.
50. The San Diego Zoo is one of my favorite places.
51. Some of my favorite people are my online friends.
52. I don't like coffee much, except for Starbucks peppermint mocha frappuccinos.
53. I don't like to think about how fattening Starbucks frappuccinos are!
54. I believe it is important to eat organic food when possible, especially dairy.
55. My car is usually a disaster area.
56. I like the "shabby chic" style.
57. I like to wear dresses.
58. I like to shop at Ann Taylor.
59. I would like to make a quilt someday.
60. I start Christmas shopping earlier every year.
61. I love fabric shopping.
62. I own way too much fabric.
63. I love to eat fresh fruit, especially oranges and apples.
64. I rarely wear shorts.
65. I love to wear capri pants.
66. I wear a size 7.5 or 8 shoe.
67. I have 3 sewing machines.
68. Sometimes I am very moody.
69. I love handwritten letters.
70. I love to get greetng cards in the mail for no special occasion.
71. I love to eat raw oysters.
72. I love taking bubble baths and reading in the bathtub.
73. Most types of deoderant make me itch.
74. I am rarely on time.
75. I want a pair of Crocs maryjanes.
76. I am trying to learn to spend less money on things I do not need.
77. I love to send "good mail" and think it is one the most fun things I have heard of in awhile.
78. I feel good when I go to church, and sad when I don't.
79. I am learning how to blog and it is my goal to post at least 3 times a week.
80. I want to learn how to take better photographs.
81. I love the feel of sunshine on my face.
82. I like to play games - board games, card games, computer games - whatever!
83. I love pretty stationary.
84. I love monogrammed items.
85. I love to give gifts.
86. My eyes are brown.
87. I am generally satisfied with my appearance.
88. I wore braces.
89. I wish I had a better memory.
90. I wish I didn't say stupid things sometimes, especially to people I care about.
91. I want to be a better mother.
92. I can drive a stick shift.
93. I love hydrangeas.
94. Friendly people make me smile.
95. I have worn glasses/contacts since I was about 6 years old.
96. I don't have one favorite color. I like pink, green, and blue.
97. I often compose letters to friends in my mind and when I finally get around to writing them out, they are usually not as well written.
98. I rarely wear makeup.
99. I love the smell of finesse shampoo.
100. I love to shop at Target.

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