Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Lost Socks and Other Mysteries of Life

I have always been perplexed by the mystery of lost socks. How is it that you put a pair of socks into the wash, and only one comes out? When this happens, I dutifully place the lonely sock on top of the dryer in hopes that its mate will join it whithin the next few loads, only to find that the lost sock is never to be seen again.
Lately, this mystery has been expanded, and I now discover that the pile of socks on the dryer are all white children's socks, and none of them can be matched together - they are all different sizes, styles and manufacturers. How is this possible?
I solved this problem with the infant socks, through a suggestion of a friend of mine. She suggested that I purchase diaper pins and use them to pin the socks together into pairs in the drawer. When you remove a pair from the drawer, remove the pin and place it in the laundry room. When you take a pair of socks off of the baby, you pin them together before throwing them into the washing machine. The socks stay pinned together during the wash and can be taken straight from the dryer and put back into the drawer still pinned in pairs!
When I saw this cute craft in the current issue of Family Fun magazine, I knew that I must create one for my laundry room.
Here is the original picture from the article:

and my version:

To create this "lost sock line" - I used scrapbooking card stock that I had on hand. I created the lettering template by using a computer font and the outline feature. I used font size 350 to make the letters between 3 and 4 inches tall. I cut out the letters from the card stock and used my hot glue gun to glue clothespins to the back of the letters. I threaded a small satin ribbon through the spring in the clothespin, and then spaced out the letters and hung to the wall from two nails.

Voila! It was probably one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive crafts I have ever attempted!


Barb said...

I came to peek at you for self portrait Tuesday, but this is what I found! That's it, I'm doing this one. Your craft reminds me to laugh instead of be frustrated with things like lost socks.

Tina said...

Found your blog from Lelly - great tip about pinning the socks together. I have found missing socks under this rubber part of my front load washer next to the drum (kind of hard to explain). I didn't know they were down there until there were so many that one was sticking out - there was like 50 socks in there!